What Are the 6 Fastest Hoverboard of 2021?

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Are you looking for the fastest hoverboard on the market? If so, you’re in the right place. Nowadays, there are many options available that are quite fast compared to when hoverboards first emerged. Some let you reach a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour, while others get near it by approaching 10 miles per hour.

Here, we’re going over the 6 fastest hoverboards of 2021, taking into account their top speed, range, battery life, and many other features. As a good measure, every listed hoverboard is UL-2272 certified. This ensures they comply with essential safety standards.

Gyroor G-F1 Hoverboard

The Gyroor G-F1 is probably the best-looking one on the list. It’s inspired by the highest class of international auto racing, Formula 1, taking its design from the look of these single-seaters.

It might seem a bit contrived, considering it even tries to replicate their sound, but it’s still one of the best hoverboards. You shouldn’t worry too much about the noise if it bothers you. After all, you can disable these sounds by pressing the power button twice.

This hoverboard has a 350-Watt dual motor that supports a top speed of 10-12 mph, and it can climb steep 30-degree inclines. As this hoverboard has a removable battery, you can push the board to give more than it can by getting a spare battery. It’s an easy way to double its rather limiting 9.95-mile range.

While you’re riding the hoverboard, you can leave the other one charging and virtually never run out of battery. After all, its charging time is quite fast, requiring only 1.5 to 2 hours.

The board is almost entirely aluminum and has excellent build quality, although it feels somewhat thin. Regardless, it’s sturdy, and it does seem to hold its stated maximum weight limit easily. The 8.5-inch hard-rubber tires are exceptional as well, providing a pleasant riding experience.

Another excellent feature is its Bluetooth speaker that sounds nice and crisp. It has a mobile app available that lets you enable two distinct modes, adult and child. The child mode limits the top speed, and the adult one lets you adjust it as you please. If you’re looking to get one of the fastest hoverboards on the market, you can get the Gyroor G-F1.

EPIKGO Sports Plus Balance Board

EPIKGO Sports Plus balance board features a sporty design and improves many features of its previous iterations. It can reach quite a high speed thanks to its 400-Watt dual motors, which makes it capable of climbing slopes of 30 degrees.

This hoverboard has a max speed of 12 mph, which coincidentally is also its max range. It has an Intelligent Protection LG Battery that lasts an hour, but it makes the hoverboard safer than other options.

The body is made from an aluminum alloy, featuring a large foot base. It uses performance racing tires that give it significantly more grip, even on rough roads. The board itself is also water-resistant as its IP56 certified.

If you want a durable ride with plenty of space that’s good for wet and dry conditions, the EPIKGO Sports Plus has everything you need and more.

Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6

This 10 mph off-road hoverboard has excellent battery life and weight limit. You can expect to get some impressive 4.5 hours of battery life while riding on average terrain, making it the most durable on the list. Still, if you go over many inclines and speed trips, the time can lower. It also has a pretty fast charging speed of 2-3 hours.

The Swagtron T6 board has an ABS Plastic and aluminum frame and 10-inch rubber air-filled tires with outstanding shock absorption, stability, and traction in many terrain types. Its 300W dual motor and superb battery allow it to reach a top speed of 12 mph, climb inclines of 30-degrees, and withstand a weight limit of 420 pounds.

This board has three different riding modes: learning, standard, and advanced. The learning mode lets you get used to the feeling of it by riding at a low speed, while the other ones open up more controls and release limits.

It also has Bluetooth capabilities through its app, allowing you to play music as you ride. This app lets you check your board’s charge and change your riding mode with ease. If you’re looking for the best option among all-terrain hoverboards, get the Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6.

Gyroor Warrior

Here’s the second entry from this brand. Its design isn’t as inspired as the G-F1, but it looks just as good. This fastest hoverboard candidate has an aluminum frame with various UL-approved materials, making it incredibly durable. Also, it has a large rugged wheel size of 8.5 inches that gives you a smooth ride on almost any surface.

The board can get you 7.5 to 9.5 miles on a single charge. It isn’t impressive, but it’s still better than many other hoverboards out there. This board has a max speed of nearly 10 mph thanks to its dual-motor power of 350 watts. It has a maximum weight load of 265 pounds and can climb 30-degree slopes.

The Warrior hoverboard has a battery life of two hours, which can be extended similarly to the G-F1 by using spare ones as they’re replaceable. You can also track it with its mobile app and control the speed and the color of the LED lights.

This model is excellent, and it has some slight variations over the G-F1, but it seems to cater to those who dislike the design of the Formula-inspired hoverboard and wish to save a bit. The board is waterproof and has a Bluetooth speaker as well. You can get the Gyroor Warrior.

Jettson Flash Self-balancing Hoverboard

This self-balancing hoverboard is an excellent product that’s cheaper than most. While it may seem like it doesn’t have anything special going for it, it has several remarkable features. For instance, the board has a massive 500W dual-hub motor capable of carrying 220 pounds in weight.

This motor allows the Jettson board to have a 10 mph top speed range, but this one can only deal with 15-degree slopes, unlike other hoverboards. Regarding the battery, it only takes three hours to charge it from zero. Afterward, you can enjoy three hours of use with a maximum range of 12 miles.

The Jettson Flash hoverboard has a quality Bluetooth Speaker in its deck, one that’s louder and clearer than most. It also has a mobile app that lets you tune the lights and other useful settings.

Its 6.5-inch tires limit its off-road capabilities, but overall, it’s an excellent choice in terms of performance, enjoyment, and power. If you’re looking for a fast hoverboard at a lower price than most, you can get the Jettson Flash.

Segway Ninebot S Plus Self-balancing Scooter

The Ninebot S Plus is the newer model of the previous Segway miniPRO. This self-balancing electric scooter offers excellent safety, range, and speed, but it does have a more prohibitive price than most other hoverboards.

This Segway self-balancing scooter has powerful 400W dual motors that let you reach a top speed of 12.5 miles per hour. It also has a huge range which allows it to get about 22 miles per charge.

Its frame uses a durable magnesium alloy frame, making the hoverboard relatively lightweight yet able to withstand a high weight of 220 pounds. The knee control bar, which lets you handle it better, makes it easy to pick up and store somewhere safe.

Compared to the average hoverboard, this one is on an entirely different level. This Segway self-balancing scooter might be the absolute best choice when it comes to features. It’s also the fastest hoverboard available so far, even if by little. You can get the Ninebot S Plus.

The Bottom Line

Riding hoverboards at a high speed can be truly enjoyable. People can feel the wind in their hair while cruising around on them. Every listed hoverboard might not differ too much from each other at a glance apart from their design, but they have distinct characteristics apart from being UL 2272 certified.

If you’re considering getting the fastest hoverboard, you might have to take in other factors like their range, battery life, and other features. However, any of these previous options can leave you more than satisfied.

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Author info

Hi, my name is Rami, I started Electric bike for kids because, just like you I wasn't sure which electric ride to pick for my children.
i hope this information will make it easy for you to choose
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About me

Hi, my name is Rami, I started Electric bike for kids because, just like you I wasn't sure which electric ride to pick for my children.
i hope this information will make it easy for you to choose
you can contact me at any time:

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