How to Select E-Bike for a Child – The Top Things to Focus On

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Electric bikes are designed to be convenient and sustainable. It seems that everyone wants these e-bikes, and the cost is comparable to other small, motorized products.

Typically, an e-bike is a motor-assisted bike that moves users and helps them commute more. Plus, it is an efficient mode of transportation and offers a clean way to travel when compared to vehicles.

While adults are interested in them, kids also enjoy bike riding. It’s often easier when they can do so with a scooter or an e-bike. With that, you must find the best e-bike for your children because it must be suitable for their needs, efficient, and sturdy.

With many models out there, it’s hard to know what each one brings. Though price comes into play, that isn’t the only thing to think about in the brand.

You want a model that is ideal for biking and great for kids. That often means that the motors on each bike are designed to last a long time. Here are the points to consider for your child’s e-bike:

Electric bikes and Size

The right size of e-bike is essential for kids to be comfortable and enjoy their time on them. If the size of the bike is decent, your child is sure to love riding the electric bike. However, if it isn’t suitable, then they may not want or be able to ride it, which means you’re out all that money.

When selecting a bike for kids, there are different frame size options to consider. Though most people go by the person’s age, junior e-bikes are focused more on weight limits and other needs. However, you can size the bike by the inch, just as you can with a regular bike.

For a 12-inch e-bike, the child should be 2 or 3 years old or up to 3 feet, 4 inches high. Likewise, a 14-inch bike is ideal for those up to age 4, while a 24-inch version is suitable for kids 11 or so years old.

Just make sure that there is a balance between the front and rear wheels.

Electric Bikes for Kids – Weight Considerations

It’s also important to think about the weight restrictions kids often have. For example, electric mountain bikes are far heavier than a traditional mountain bike. Children have to be able to hold it up and use it efficiently, and this requires appropriate balance throughout the ride.

While the age of the child does matter, they might not be strong enough to carry that much weight. With that, a traditional bicycle weighs up to 24 pounds, which are often heavier than adult e-bikes. Plus, the suspension system on a traditional bike is about 33 pounds and more for an e-bike.

It’s best to look for a lightweight bicycle for your children to ride. Electric bikes can offer that, but it’s important to ensure that they can easily enjoy it and have fun.

Therefore, the size matters for e-bikes, and it’s best to go with something lightweight and easy to use.

How Far to Go

Most kids ride their bikes for long periods of time. However, an e-bike is a little different because it requires battery operation. Therefore, the best thing you can do is know how long your children plan to ride and where they’re going. That way, they can make it to and from the location. Also, check the rear wheels to ensure that they’re aired up properly before each adventure.

Motor Torque

Typically, kids like to ride uphill or in messy situations, so motor power is crucial here. The torque is measured in Nm (newton meters).

Most electric bikes vary the motor size and torque from 40 to 80 Nm. The actual torque used is based on the size of the bike. With that, kids should start off slow until they get the hang of it.


Battery charging times for electric bikes can vary up to five hours for a full charge. This also depends on how large the battery is. When you choose a large-capacity battery, it takes more time to charge up, but it can last longer and offer higher speed options.

Sometimes, you can find an e-bike for kids with two batteries. That way, you always have a backup. You should also think about battery life to ensure that your children can have fun.

A good quality battery can also help with speed concerns. If they always want to go at top speed, which is often 15 mph, it might not last as long. With that, safety should be considered based on the speed they go.

Test Drive

Test riding is essential when buying an electric bike. With this, kids can figure out how to use their electric bikes correctly. Make sure that the test run is done in an open space. That’s often best because you can test out the balance for your kids, and they can get used to this motorized piece of equipment.

Most children only imagine this as being part of the excursion, so they don’t mind. When you choose a quality bike for your kid, you must test it first.

Pedals and Pedal Assist

Your bike’s performance focuses on its efficiency. Typically, pedal-assist activation should be swift and on the money. That way, the pedal works well and is responsive.

Many electric bikes come with up to four assistance levels. They can help preserve the battery, especially when the e-bike is in eco mode.

You should look for pedal assistance features from your kids’ electric bike. It helps with speed, and it makes riding that much easier. The best thing you can do for your kids is to ensure that the e-bikes have propulsion assistance. That way, your children aren’t over-exerting themselves all the time.

Lighting and LCD Displays

As a kid, you probably didn’t think much of the lights on your bike. With that, you didn’t have a digital display. However, kids nowadays have those luxuries, which are designed for safety. When the light is powerful on the electric bike, they can be out later at night without hurting themselves.

Therefore, always look for high-intensity power from the lighting systems. With that, you should consider a bike with an LCD on the handlebar. That way, it tracks miles, speed, and more. However, the battery must have enough power to show all that while riding for a full day.

Smartphone Integrations

One of the features that you might do without is a smartphone integration. Most kids don’t require this option, but it can be nice if they need GPS or like to listen to music while biking.

The best thing you can do is decide if these features are necessary and make sure your child knows how to use them safely.

Component Quality

It’s crucial that all of the components of the bike are made of high-quality materials. Children rarely care about this, but you want them to be safe while biking.

When choosing the best electric bikes for kids, focus on each wheel. Some offer fat tires, which can make for an easier ride. However, the wheel and tires must also be durable and aired up properly. With that, consider a comfortable seat and enough power to do the job.

Bike Frame

The best electric bike needs a decent frame, and there is a range of options. Most offer aluminum to keep the weight down, especially when the motor is added.

Brake System

You can find many different brakes, such as V, mechanical, and hydraulic brakes. The brake system you choose can make riding more fun. Just make sure that the brakes work properly before each trip.


You can find many other accessories for your electric bike. For example, folding bikes are quite popular. Folding them ensures that you save more space when storing them.


The purchase of an electric bike means finding one with a decent warranty for the price. Kids are notorious for being hard on their toys, and an electric bicycle is no exception.


When choosing electric bikes for kids, the price you pay is important. However, you want to select the best brand for your budget, and that requires it to have the right features. Consider the age of your kid, and choose the right brand based on the models out there. Biking can be even more exciting with an e-bike.

Get the right model for your child, and there should be no issues.

Author info

Author info

Hi, my name is Rami, I started Electric bike for kids because, just like you I wasn't sure which electric ride to pick for my children.
i hope this information will make it easy for you to choose
you can contact me at any time:

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About me

About me

Hi, my name is Rami, I started Electric bike for kids because, just like you I wasn't sure which electric ride to pick for my children.
i hope this information will make it easy for you to choose
you can contact me at any time:

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