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While dockless electric scooters are becoming the norm, there are many studies out there that try to find out if these motor rides are dangerous and environmentally safe. It is easy to become injured while using an electric scooter, and they are similar to motorcycles with the power they offer.

Many research papers indicate that there are various face and head injuries related to electric bikes. Though their safety hasn’t been proven or disproven, they are compared now to cars and other vehicles.

Yes, an electric bike system could be fun, but the risk of injury for these 2-wheeled bicycle options is a concern for the market. There have been a number of studies and research conducted on these electric bikes in New York City and elsewhere.

The overall standing indication is that people need a range of equipment to offset the injuries they could face. With that, the speed you can find from these e-bicycles is much different than traditional bikes. Still, there are ways that riders can be safe while still enjoying the ride.

Here are a few safety precautions to take and things to focus on when choosing electric scooter.

Problem: Head Injuries from an Electric Scooter

In various studies, researchers have indicated that head injuries (concussions and brain bleed) make up roughly half of the reported injuries. Typically, people head out for trips on their electric scooters without focusing on the right safety concerns. You can be traveling up to 30 mph on an electric scooter; if you fall from it, you can significantly hurt yourself.

Solution: Wear a Helmet

The solution for injuring your head while using an electric scooter is by wearing a helmet. Helmets protect you from many head injuries. Wearing one might even prevent many issues. The biggest problem is that people don’t use a helmet with their electric scooters.

While it’s nice to buy one, it doesn’t do much good if the helmet isn’t worn properly. With that, some people choose helmets that are too large or small, which can do more damage. Always wear a helmet when riding electric scooters.

Problem: Using Electric Scooters Under the Influence

Many people don’t realize that the laws for drunk driving apply to electric bikes, as well. There are significant legal ramifications for driving motor-powered bicycles while under the influence.

In fact, users can significantly hurt themselves and others when they have a scooter and don’t follow the rules of the road. Whether you left an hour after drinking or right then, there is a chance of getting injured. Remember, some scooters can run 30 mph or more, and they have a motor in them.

Solution: Choose Alternative Transportation

Driving your electric scooter instead of a car isn’t safer. In fact, to add insult to injury, the law states that you can get a DUI because there is a motor in the scooter. It’s often best just to walk to your next destination or call for a ride instead.

Problem: Tandem Rides on Electric Bicycles

The streets are full of powered vehicles, and you might think it’s nothing to tack on more riders. However, a scooter isn’t designed for multiple people. It’s there to be a one-person show. Many times, riding with a child seems like the smart thing to do, but safety and the statistics say otherwise.

Solution: Ride Solo

When riding a scooter or e-bike, it’s best to do it solo. Never double up with another rider. There just isn’t room on a standard scooter for two people. With that, the second person can’t hold onto anything.

You should also be aware that most scooters have a 220-pound weight limit. If you get injured while riding together, you can both be accountable. When you need to transport more than yourself, use a vehicle instead of e-bikes.

Problem: Reckless Driving

About 80 percent of people in one UCLA study were injured by a fall. In another CDC study, people hit inanimate objects, such as a light pole. Scooters have a motor, and there are dangers when they aren’t used properly.

Solution: Always Plan Ahead

Scooter regulations can vary from city to city. Therefore, you must know the rules of the area. If you aren’t supposed to be on the sidewalk, make sure you remain on the road. When you’re riding along with traffic on these trips, make sure that you’re using appropriate hand signals like you might for a bicycle ride.

With that, you should wear reflective clothing. Use a backpack if you’re carrying things. Don’t hang a bag from the handlebars because that can throw your balance off.

It’s also a good idea to check for rain when planning your adventure on your scooter. You probably do so when on a bicycle, but scooter riders may have more issues because they’re motorized.

Problem: Defective Scooters

There could be many problems with your scooter, and some people have glitches with their speeds or battery fires. Scooters malfunction just like other vehicle options out there and some of those complaints have lawsuits against them.

Solution: Do a Pre-ride Safety Check

Before you get on your motorized bicycle, make sure you perform a visual inspection by walking around it and looking for signs of wear or damage.

The wheels must be true, and the brake lights should function properly. You should also ensure that the battery is powered up sufficiently.

At the beginning of the ride, test your throttle and brakes. If there are any issues, don’t use the scooter.

Just because it looks good doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do maintenance. The battery, tires, and wheel options on the electrical bicycle should be serviced regularly.

Problem: Novice Riders

Most people initially think that scooters are just like a regular bicycle. However, these bikes are more like a vehicle, and you should be careful on them.

Most injuries happen during the first ride because people use high speeds. There’s no reason to bump up the speed until you’re ready.

Solution: Use a Test Ride

Just because you rode them as kids or are now a bike enthusiast doesn’t mean you are a natural with an electric scooter. These motorized bikes are less forgiving because they have smaller wheels. Therefore, you should learn to control your speed in an open space before heading out.

You should never be standing on the bike, either. Always sit down and ensure that the wheels are both on the ground. Though it can be fun to raise up the front wheel for a wheelie, you shouldn’t do so with an electric bike.

Problem: Discarding Scooters Everywhere

While this issue isn’t about keeping the rider safe, it does have something to do about being mindful of others. When it’s all said and done, and the speed drains away from the bike, you should treat it as you might other vehicles. That means you don’t leave it standing in the street.

Solution: Curb the Scooter

Whenever you’re dropping off the scooter, you should leave it standing in an upright position. Make sure it’s out of traffic and out of the way for pedestrians. Though the speed is gone and it is in off mode, the wheel should be pointed toward the curb, just as with a motorized bike. Again, most states have laws in place.

These are motorized forms of transportation; they should be treated as such.


While everyone is free to get something fun and exciting, they must follow the rules of the road. In fact, electric scooters are often compared to motorcycles, and there isn’t much difference between these two vehicles.

Most cities have specific rules in place so that you keep the scooter off the street. They have a lot of power within the system, and these 2-wheeled bikes are designed for those who are responsible and careful.

Though the market is full of them, as a rider, it’s your responsibility to keep you and others safe.

Author info

Author info

Hi, my name is Rami, I started Electric bike for kids because, just like you I wasn't sure which electric ride to pick for my children.
i hope this information will make it easy for you to choose
you can contact me at any time:

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About me

About me

Hi, my name is Rami, I started Electric bike for kids because, just like you I wasn't sure which electric ride to pick for my children.
i hope this information will make it easy for you to choose
you can contact me at any time:

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